Add Google Adsense Wire Transfer Payment Method to Bangladesh

There is very very Good news for Bangladeshi Google AdSense publishers. Now Bangladeshi Google AdSense publishers get their AdSense payment directly with any Bangladeshi bank through international wire transfer payments method. This is very fast and secure system. It’s the Google-recommended payment method.

You need to add this new wire transfer method in your your Google AdSense account page. There are three-step process to add AdSense wire transfer (EFT) payments in account.

1. Add bank account information
2. Check your test deposit
3. Enter the test deposit amount in your AdSense account to verify your bank account.

Please check this article to get details tips on How to add Google AdSense Wire Transfer Payment Method for Bangladeshi publisher.

It was very bad experience to cash out Google AdSense money for Bangladeshi publisher. Now this new system will help a thousand of publisher to get their money easily.

Thanks Goolge.


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