How to Record Facebook Video Chat

I search whole internet for special software that record Facebook video chat but nothing found. However we are able to make use of an additional option way for record Facebook video chat using screen recorder.

We know that screen captures and recorder can record everything upon computer display or even you are able to select particular area in certain software’s.

Right here I will submit good quality display recorder’s which you can use with regard to record Facebook video chat.

1. Screen2exe

I love this particular software because you can easily make use of as well as produce exe file of recorded videos . we are able to make use of these exe file on any pc without having be worried about any kind of codec pack. You are able to select any window area for record like you can select only Facebook video chat record area only for record. After recording, you can add textual content pictures, fade in/out, cut video frames to be more appealing. And so i believe it is wise decision with regard to record your own facebook video chat.

2. CamStudio

CamStudio is excellent software for record Facebook video chat. CamStudio has the capacity to record all screen and audio on your computer. It can create AVI video files. By using of it’s built-in SWF maker to convert recorded AVI files in SWF files. You can also use CamStudio to create video tutorials and screen recording.

3. HyperCam

HyperCam is another most popular computer screen capture software. By using this software program aany one can save facebook video chat in AVI format. HyperCam record video from your Windows screen and saves it to AVI file. Audio from your microphone is also recorded. You can add text, sound, and screen notes in to video. You can also select Frame rate and compression quality to recording your movie.

4. BB FlashBack

BB FlashBack is another freeware tool for recording Facebook video chat s. BB FlashBack can record screen, microphone, PC sounds and webcam video.

After recording you can convert recorded video in FLV, SWF and AVI format in freeware version.

5. Screencast-O-Matic

Screencast-O-Matic is the live online recorder. It records video from your browser without any software installation . It has tow version- free and paid version . Need Java plugin for using Screencast-O-Matic . It is great tools for record Facebook video chat without any software installation.



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