How to Verify Moneybookers Bank Account from Bangladesh

Moneybookers bank account verification from Bangladesh: There are many freelancer in Bangladesh. They work hard an earn Dollar. But unfortunately, they face big trouble to get money. Paypal service is not available in Bangladesh. In this current situation, I think that Mooneybookers is the best alternate way to get money from outsourcing market place. I withdraw money via moneybookers. If you follow their policy, I think moneybookers is the easiest and tension free solution for withdraw money in Bangladesh.

At first open a Moneybookers (now Skrill ) account. You can see this article Withdraw money from moneybookers in Bangladesh. You should verified you address. It is easy way to verify address. If you want to withdraw more than $4000 (approx.) in a 90 days period, you need to verify your bank account.

Many Bangladeshi freelancer face some problem when they want to verify their moneybookers bank account from Bangladesh. I also faced same problem. After 2 sleepless night I got solution. Here I will share my experience.

How to verify Moneybookers Bank Account from Bangladesh: To verify moneybookers bank account, you need to send some money to your moneybookes account from your Bangladeshi bank account. But Bangladeshi bank does not allow you to upload funds to Moneybookers (Skrill) account according to the Government rules. Now what can you do? Don’t be worry. There is another way to overcome this odd situation.

First withdraw some money from your moneybookers account. It will take normally 7/10 days to reach money to your Bangladeshi bank account. Then go to you bank and collect following two reports from your bank.

1. Last six months bank transaction report.
2. SWIFT Transaction report. (Must collect it)

Now send an email to “[email protected]” and describe why you want to verify your bank account manually. I wrote:

I have an active Skrill (Moneybookers) account. My address have successfully verified. My bank account is Registered but not verified.I have successfully withdraw money via bank transfer last week. Now I want to increase my outgoing transaction limit.

I live in Bangladesh. Bangladeshi bank does not allow to upload funds to Skrill (Moneybookers) account according to the Government rules. I have collected SWIFT Transaction report from my bank.

Important: Must provide following information. (I provided)


1. MoneyBookers login email: [email protected]
2. Customer ID: xxxxxxxx
3. My Date of Birth: xx April, xxxx
4. Email subject must be: Manual Bank Account Verification.


1. Scan copy of SWIFT Transaction report.
2. Scan copy of Bank Transaction Report.
3. Scan copy of International Passport. (If any)
4. Scan copy of Notional ID Card.

Within 5-7 days, you will get a reply mail from moneybookers support and hope it brings good news for you.

This is my personal experience. Please share your experience and that will help others.


  1. Shihab says

    Bro I have around 800 $ in my skrill account. Can i withdraw all of them at once without varifying my bank account??

    • Kamol says

      No. You can withdraw maximum $15 without bank verified and address verified. If verified address then u can.

  2. raju says

    Thank you for good post.
    How can i withdraw money to my bank account from moneybooker, only adding bank account without verification of address and bank account.

  3. Shafiq Rahman says

    I only have mobile phone numbers but no fixed phone number. Do you think this will be a problem to open a Moneybookers account? Thank you in advance for your quick advice.

  4. Arif says

    Hi admin. Plz help me. I am new for skrill. I verify my address. I add my DBBL visa debit card & my DBBL bank account & now I can’t verify my bank & Visa card. Plz give me advice. What I can do now?

    • Kamol says

      There are full guide lines in this article. This is the process to verify. Please follow these instruction.

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