Top Most Dangerous Serious Vital Facebook Scams Need to Avoid

Facebook is the biggest, hottest and most popular social networking platform all over the Internet. There are many many peoples are using facebook in this eve. There are also many bad guys in facebook. They try to get your facebook access, spam picture, message, spread malware, virus and do many harmful and serious black activities.

Now a days there are a lot of serious and vital facebook scams all over the Facebook world. So it’s very important to know and avoid Facebook scams. Awareness is the most important key to avoid most serious and vital Facebook scam.

In this article we provide name of some top dangerous, serious and vital Facebook Scams to Avoid and keep your Facebook honey.

1. Profile Viewers and Profile Blockers – It is the very known Facebook scams to all Facebook user. This Facebook scams will tell you that they can show you who recently viewed your profile or recently blocked you from their account. Never click on this because Facebook doesn’t give access anyone to show their personal data.

2. Hot Ladies – This scam asks you to click the “naked” pictures of hot model girl on the facebook. When you click on this picture, it nothing happens but same nude image posted on your others facebook friend’s wall.

3. Free Product- This scam claims that it will give you expensive product like iPads, phones for free but when you click it all what you get is data loss to developer of the app. Free things may even include things like vouchers, T-shirts etc.

4. Free Facebook Credits – Free facebook credits scam target the gamers on Facebook. Credits are used to purchase items in Farmville, Cityville, etc. If are fooled by them, they get real money but nothig for you.

5. Fake Gossip – We are all love to read hot celebrity gossip. Facebook scammers take this advantage to spread their scams by posting fake link with attractive title. So people can not avoid this news and must be affected by this scams when he click on this.

6. Need money – Never send money after receiving message from your friend. First you should call him to ensure.

That’s not all scams. I have listed some most dangerous, serious and vital facebook scams. Please raise your awareness about facebook scams and be safe all over the internet.


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